Is Devon Rex A Sphynx?



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Devon Rex cats are the new cat on the block! Could they be mistaken for a Sphynx?

After all, these two breeds share similar physical features such as their slender builds, big ears and lack of hair. But that couldn’t be further from the truth as Devon Rexes differ from its feline relative in many ways.

In this article we’ll explore why Devon Rex isn’t actually a Sphynx and clear up any confusion between these two intriguing cat breeds!

Is Devon Rex a Sphynx?

The Devon Rex is not a Sphynx, though they are quite often compared.

These two breeds look surprisingly alike, and both have long whiskers and oval eyes. But the Sphynx does not have any fur, which is an unmistakable feature of the Devon Rex that helps to differentiate the two breeds. Additionally, the Devon Rex has more prominent ears and thinner legs than those of the Sphynx.

They are a gentle breed, capable of fitting into most environments with ease and living peacefully with other cats or pets.

What breed is a Devon Rex cat?

The Devon Rex cat is a truly unique and captivating breed that has stolen the hearts of feline enthusiasts all over the world.

Boasting a distinct appearance characterized by large, curious eyes, short, wavy fur, and an elegant, slender body, these enchanting creatures almost resemble extraterrestrial beings. Often likened to pixies or elves, Devon Rex cats are known for their playful and affectionate nature, which only adds to their irresistible charm. Despite their otherworldly appearance, these cats make for wonderful companions as they energetically engage with their human counterparts, creating strong bonds that last throughout their lives.

It’s no wonder that once you’ve encountered a Devon Rex cat, their mystical allure is simply unforgettable.

What two breeds make a Sphynx cat?

The Sphynx cat is known for its peculiarly hairless appearance and affectionate personality.

However, many people do not know the two different breeds that combine to make this unique feline. The Bald Canadian cat, a natural mutation of house cats discovered in 1966, is crossed with the Devon Rex breed, which was created in England in the 1950s and is famous for its wavy fur.

This combination creates the quirky Sphynx as we know it today; a seemingly hairless pet that enjoys warmth and cuddles from their owners.

Is Cornish Rex a Sphynx?

The Cornish Rex and the Sphynx may appear quite similar at first glance, with their unique, hairless features and elegant frames capturing the attention of feline enthusiasts worldwide.

Despite these similarities, the two breeds have distinct characteristics that set them apart. While the Sphynx is entirely hairless, the Cornish Rex is adorned with a soft, downy coat that gives its body a gentle wave or curl. Their genetics also differ, as both breeds evolved from separate mutations, cultivating their own rich and fascinating histories. The Cornish Rex originated in Cornwall, England, and the Sphynx traces its roots back to Canada.

So, while it’s easy to mistake a Cornish Rex for a Sphynx, taking a closer look reveals the diverse and captivating features unique to each magnificent breed.

What is a Devon Rex a mix of?

The Devon Rex is an intriguing breed, with a unique mixture of distinctive traits and characteristics that will surely captivate any cat lover.

Its origins lie in the heart of Devon, England, where a crossbreeding between a wild, curly-haired feral and a domesticated straight-haired cat resulted in the creation of this endearing feline. Boasting a sleek, slender body and a curl-laden coat, the Devon Rex appears almost otherworldly. Its large, expressive eyes and bat-like ears further augment its distinctive appearance, causing it to stand out among other cat breeds.

Always keen on socializing and displaying a playful demeanor, the Devon Rex makes for an affectionate and engaging companion, proving to be just as fascinating in personality as it is in appearance.

Are Devon Rex cats rare?

The Devon Rex, with its striking appearance and captivating nature, is considered a relatively rare breed.

These feline beauties, originating from Devonshire, England in the late 1950s, have captured the hearts of cat enthusiasts worldwide. Their large, curious eyes, slender bodies, and unusually soft, wavy fur create an otherworldly look, making them sought-after companions. While it may be challenging to find one of these enchanting creatures, their playful and affectionate personalities make it worth the effort.

The rarity of the Devon Rex contributes to the intrigue and allure of the breed, capturing the hearts of many cat lovers who are fortunate enough to experience their unique charm.

What cat is similar to Devon Rex?

The Cornish Rex, with its distinctively curly coat and unique features, is often considered the feline breed most similar to the Devon Rex.

Sharing an uncanny resemblance with their Devonian counterparts, these endearing cats were first discovered in Cornwall, England, and have been captivating admirers ever since. Both breeds have slender, athletic bodies, angular faces, and oversized ears that heighten their enchanting allure. However, it is their unusual coats that truly bond the two breeds together, as their fur features an incredible, naturally occurring wave pattern. This not only grants them a soft, velvety texture but also a hypoallergenic quality that makes both Devon and Cornish Rexes popular amongst individuals who may struggle with other cat breeds.

In addition to their striking appearance, both breeds exhibit an exceptionally playful, sociable nature that further contributes to their ever-growing popularity among cat enthusiasts across the globe.

Is Devon Rex A Common Nickname for Sphynx Cats?

While both breeds are unique, “Devon Rex” and “Sphynx” are not interchangeable. The Devon Rex is not a common nickname for Sphynx cats. They are distinct breeds with their own characteristics and personalities, so it’s important to use their correct devon rex nicknames and aliases.

Final Words

It is clear that while Devon Rex cats and Sphynx cats have similar characteristics, they are ultimately two distinct breeds.

The Devon Rex’s expansive personality and curiosity set it apart from the Sphynx, which carries a more dignified demeanor. Although both breeds require regular grooming, the Sphynx always requires a loofah or wet cloth to maintain its coat as opposed to the Devon Rex who will groom itself routinely. Their similarities do make it difficult for people to distinguish which breed belongs in their home, but pet owners know their cat better than anyone else.

Knowing the differences between the two can help make sure that those looking for an affectionate companion or one with a captivating appearance can find just what they are looking for in either of these breeds of feline friends.

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