What Is A Devon Rex A Mix Of?



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Are you a proud owner of a Devon Rex cat? If so, you may have looked into their history and heritage and wondered what kind of cats they are mixed with.

The Devon Rex is an extremely unique cat breed that has seen many different versions throughout its history.

In this post, we’ll dive deep into the background of Devons and discuss which breeds help make up their intriguing personalities today.

So if you’re curious to learn more about your four-legged friend, then read on!

What makes a Devon Rex?

True to their wildcat look, Devon Rex cats are known for their large ears, thin body type and coat full of curls.

Despite the fact that they look as if they stepped right out of the jungle, these cats are still as cuddly and loving as other domesticated felines.

They are generally active and love learning new tricks. With a playful yet intelligent personality, Devon Rexes have no trouble entertaining themselves or whoever happens to be in the room.

These cats have an affinity for being around people, which makes them wonderful companions. Although it might take a little patience to get them to trust you enough cuddle up on your lap, they will quickly adapt when given enough love and attention.

What breed is a Devon Rex cat?

Devon Rex cats are a unique breed of feline that is known for their large, alert eyes and sweet, laid-back disposition. They have a short, curly coat that is recognized by its wavy texture and sparse design.

Originating in England in the late 1960’s, these felines are a crossbreed of Cornish Rex and Burmese cats. Unlike most breeds, the Devon Rex has prominent whisker pads and huge ears; what truly makes it stand out from the crowd though, is its mischievous yet independent personality.

These cats love to explore and take great joy from getting into trouble – whether it’s catching your attention or scattering their toys around the house!

The Devon Rex breed is not as popular as some other breeds, but it has a devoted following among cat lovers. According to the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA), Devon Rex cats are ranked as the 29th most popular breed in the United States as of 2021.

How was the Devon Rex bred?

The Devon Rex is a unique and friendly feline with its distinct large ears, softly curled hair and sweet personality.

It’s a relatively new breed that originated from England in 1967 when an unknown female cat gave birth to a litter of kittens with soft and curly fur like that of a lamb. Many assume the mother was a wildcat or simply a crossbred between house cats.

One of the kittens caught the eye ofCornish Rex breeder Beryl Cox, she took in this kitten and named him Kirlee. After discovering it wasn’t just bizarre-looking but also bred true, she set out to fully gain recognition for this unusual kitty and get it recognized as its own breed: The Devon Rex.

Today, the Devon Rex can be found worldwide as a beloved pet for both families and individuals alike due to their devoted temperament and cuddly nature.

Where did Devon Rex cats come from?

Devon Rex cats are one of the most unique breeds of cats. They originated from a single cat born in a litter in England in 1967, when Mrs. Gina Welch spotted its curly fur while visiting her sister’s farm.

Since then, the breed has become popular all over the world and is now recognized by many different cat associations such as The International Cat Association, Fédération Internationale Féline, and World Cat Federation.

Devon Rex cats have an incredibly soft coat that comes in a variety of colors and patterns including solid, bi-colored and tabby.

This intelligent feline is known for its loveable personality and sociable behavior, making them an ideal companion for many families.

how many devon rex cats are in the US?

The exact number of Devon Rex cats living in the US is hard to determine, as these cats are rare. It is estimated that there are around 2000 Devon Rexes currently in the US, mostly from private breeders and cat lovers.

Despite their small population, these cats have become popular among those who love unique looking cats due to their huge ears and soft, curly coats.

The special appearance of the Devon Rex has made them quite sought after among cat lovers all over the world, particularly within the US.

While it is difficult to get an exact count of all the Devon Rexes within the US, estimates suggest that they make up a small but significant portion of total population across America.

Are Devon Rex Cats a Mix of Different Breeds, and How Do They Differ From Cornish Rex Cats?

Yes, there is a clear difference between Devon Rex and Cornish Rex cats. While both are known for their curly fur, the Devon Rex is a mix of different breeds including the Cornish Rex, resulting in a larger and somewhat rounder head, more prominent cheekbones, and a distinctively curly coat.

Final Words

From the Egyptian Mau to the Manx, and now the Devon Rex, it’s astounding to observe and appreciate all of the amazing history and diversity of feline breeds existing in the world today. The

Devon Rex is a unique mix of both short hair and long hair cats with a sprinkle of wild blood from their joint ancestor – the African wild cat.

They bring with them an ancient ancestry and a playful, outgoing personality that cat parents around the world adore – making for an interesting and loving companion.

Whether you are looking for a cuddly lap buddy or an active feline friend, a Devon Rex makes for an excellent choice!

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